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Sasitanat Scarf got the inspiration from Thai literature named Ramakien, In the chapter of Hanuman flirting with Suvannamaccha. The story in this chapter is about Hanuman, assigned by Rama to build the causeway to Lanka. When this order leaked out to Ravana, he sent Suvannamaccha and a large number of mermaids to take the rocks and carry them away. As a result, Hanuman can’t build the causeway and then he has question. So he drive and find out that Suvanmaccha and her force are taking the rocks and carry them away. He is very angry and draw one’s sword. When he met her, instead, he killed her became he loved her. Hence, he flirt and

copulate with her among aquatic creatures such as aquatic animals; fish and crab, aquatic plants; lotus flower. About lotus flower, it is emblem of the beautiful aquatic plant in Thailand. The lotus has a prominent feature of floral pattern and form of leaf that full bloom over the water. It is representative of the lady like a nymph or a beautiful young woman. For this prominent pattern implied that he had fallen in love with her in the story of Ramakien.