Orange Hanuman

Design Story

Don’t be deceived by this scarf’s light colors, as it carries with it a bittersweet tale of unexpected love. The Orange Hanuman scarf tells the story of a mermaid princess named Suvannamaccha, who initially tries to prevent a rescue mission by Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Rama, who asked Hanuman’s help in saving his wife, Sita. Sita was abducted by a demon named Ravana, who turns out to be Suvannamaccha’s father. Hanuman attempts to build a causeway to save Sita but is prevented by the mermaids, led by Suvannamaccha. Eventually, the two fell in love, and Suvannamaccha let Hanuman complete his mission. The two lovers appear on this feminine scarf, with lovely lotus flowers surrounding them. The soft orange and white hues in this design will turn your solid outfits into prettier, softer ensembles.

Size : 100 x 100cm