Pink Manorah

Design Story

Flaunt a Fun and Festive Vibe With the Pink Manorah Scarf

The Manorah or Pra Suthon-Manorah is a traditional Thai dance that originates from a literature piece from the Krung-Sri-Ayutthaya. It tells the tale of Princess Kinnaree Manorah, the youngest of seven princesses, who was half-woman and half-swan. Princess Manorah was said to be the loveliest among all the Himmapan beings. The pink Manorah scarf celebrates this charismatic protagonist’s tale through bright and festive colors, atop a blush pink background to symbolize Princess Manorah’s femininity. The pink Manorah scarf is equally soft and ladylike but bold and striking with its vibrant illustrations of the beautiful Kinnaree. This scarf will ultimately add a youthful touch to your dark and neutral colored outfits.

Size : 100 x 100 cm