Why Silk is the Best Material for Scarves?

The Seduction of Silk: Why Silk is the Best Material for Scarves

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With a wide range of scarf options to choose from – alpaca, pashmina, cotton, and satin to name a few – the premium on silk scarves may beg the question: is it truly worth the price?

While scarf materials vary in material, texture, and quality, the silk scarf remains a classic – an elegant wardrobe staple that can go beyond fashion trends and can adapt to varying ensembles. Thai Silk, in particular, is rare and difficult to produce. It is made exclusively in silk farms in Thailand, through a meticulous process that entails growing and boiling of silkworms, and hand weaving of the silk thread. The result is an original work of handcrafted ingenuity, made by dedicated hands using traditional techniques.

Scratching the Surface: Silk and Its Sensational Benefits

Aside from its unquestionable beauty and quality, the silk scarf has a lot of surprising benefits to your health and wellbeing. Here are just a few of the many advantages of a 100% original silk scarf:

  1. Retains Your Skin Aglow – Silk is known to contain natural cellular albumen, which helps retain moisture in your skin and keeps fine lines at bay. Compared to cotton, which absorbs your skin’s natural moisture, silk scarfs is the effortless addition to your anti-aging routine. If you constantly steal sleep during a flight or a land trip, keeping your silk scarf close to your face can help you wake up looking fresh and moisturized.
  2. Helps Your Hair Maintain Its Luster – Even your hair can benefit from the powers of silk. Its moisture-retaining properties can simulate hydration in your hair strands, giving quite a literal application to the phrase “smooth as silk.” Cotton scarf, on the other hand, can grip the hair strands and cause breakage.
  3. Keeps Those Allergies at Bay – Pure silk is hypoallergenic and free from chemicals and irritants that may trigger your sniffles or rashes. It also has a natural substance that repels environmental allergens, such as molds, fungus and dust mites. Since silk fabric is made up of tightly woven natural fibers, people with sensitive skin are also more tolerant to its material.

The benefits of silk do not stop here. You’ll find that there is a multitude of advantages to silk material in general, and why it is often used in clothing, beddings and other items. The silk scarf is an ideal investment because it can be both modern and ageless, and can be used on various occasions. You can also take it with you anywhere, and it makes for an ideal gift to anyone.

While you may encounter sellers that offer scarves, they claim to be silk, but at a much lower price tag, be wary of being tempted to buy this. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and this most certainly holds true when you purchase an inauthentic silk scarf. However, like most worthy investments, an original silk scarf will last you a lifetime; and the quality of the material will indeed prove its worth.

Purchase a silk scarf today. You deserve it!